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Furniture For Sale - Edward Wormley - Dunbar Furniture Company - Berne, Indiana

The four door bar/console in the first three photo's was from a dining room set and I think it was purchased in 1961 or 62. This piece is UNMARKED and I DO NOT know for certain it is made by Dunbar. It looks very similar to the other pieces and the finish is similar as well.
The other pieces were purchased in 1978 and are actually office furniture and hang on the wall as a modular wall unit. You can arrange them as you like to fit your needs and/or space. Pieces like this were fairly rare, but not unheard of from Wormley.
It is all in terrific condition and some has original tags and price tags on them.
There are six (6) pieces offered for sale. We would prefer to sell all together since they have been displayed like this and look terrific.
There is a floor console/bar type piece with shelves inside.
There is an open shelf with a smaller bookshelf hanging inside it. *
There is an open shelf with a light in the top. *
There is a cabinet with two doors.*
There is a taller hanging cabinet with folding doors and I believe there is a light in the top of this piece as well. *
There is a wide hanging magazine rack, with roll across cabinets on the ends and drawers in the center.
The ones marked with an asterik are the same width. I believe this to be walnut, but I am no expert. No matter, the finish and craftsmanship is exquisite!

Please contact me regarding pick up or possible local delivery. Buyer is responsible for shipping. We do NOT ship. Use the Feedback button at the top to send email. Thank you!

base baseopen detailbase hanging1 hanging2 hanging3
base.jpg baseopen.jpg detailbase.jpg hanging1.jpg hanging2.jpg hanging3.jpg
hanging4 hangingmagazine infocard magazineopen stacked
hanging4.jpg hangingmagazine.jpg infocard.jpg magazineopen.jpg stacked.jpg