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Cox Mailer

To save big bucks, just refer
a friend and get a month free.

  Thanks for subscribing to Cox@Home. We're glad on board, and to show you how much we appreciate it we're offering you this special, limited time referral credit.

How It Works.
  Earning your referral is easy. In fact, this could be the easiest money you've ever made. Just fill in the coupons below, give them to your friends, encourage them to subscribe and we'll credit your account for one month of Cox@Home Service whenever someone you refer subscribes. Considering the speed of Cox@Home, you're actually doing your friends a favor by referring them.

Who Can Subscribe?

  Anyone who lives in our service area and owns a compatable computer is eligible. All they have to do is call to get Cox@Home, the High Speed Internet Service. However, when they call they must give us your name and phone number for you to receive your credit.

You Receive A Free Month.
  After your friend's Cox@Home service has been installed, you will receive a credit for one month of Cox@Home service. There's no limit to the number of your friends and neighbors who can subscribe, so be sure to let everyone know.

Your Friend Receives A Free Month Too.

  It's simple. Just give your friend the coupon below and have them present it at the time of their Cox@Home installation. They'll receive their own credit toward one month of Cox@Home Service.

Now Is A Good Time To Start.
  Start telling your friends now about Cox@Home, the High Speed Internet Service that lets them see more, do more and go further faster. They'll thank you for it.
  And so will we.